Dialogue v Doctrine

True teachings are a dialogue not a doctrine. A doctrine closes, like an answer to a question. A dialogue opens, like a question to an answer. A dialogue is simultaneously unique & universal. Exclusive & inclusive. The delivery morphs around the observer, not the observer to the delivery. This is why in Christianity (the least understood of all religions especially when born into it) “The Word” which is a God, really means “The Spirit of the Word when lived out or embodied”. It is actually a very simple & inclusive message when translated to the times & not translated to the translation.

Anyways, The words we place on the spirit of an expressed sentiment, are symbols of the energy in which we express them. And a skillful teacher translates the times, to pluck the symbols that may match the spirit the most effectively, in a particular instance. But it’s secondary to the Spirit of the communication. The same way gestures & mannerisms are used as language. Once we loosen the collar of the oxford dictionary on what we express, what we say becomes a simplification of how we say (or don’t say). Dive into that concept further, adding the context of YOU to the application.

What I’ve outlined personally, after reflection of that question, is that we are always communicating whether we know it or not. The next question I asked myself (which I’m still currently with) is “So then, what do I want to choose to communicate when I’m not tangibly communicating? And does the answer to that end up being the spirit of what I do end up speaking & sharing? Or, do I speak & share the spirit of the deeper, less tangible communication? Chicken or the Egg?”


Become Being

Remember to remember that you do not have to be seen, to be sensed. I know the irony is that if you’re seeing this, you’re, well, seeing this. But this, is not a person. It’s not a place. It’s not somewhere to go or something to be. If you’re drawn by it, it doesn’t mean you have to replicate it.

It’s something to go live & how that looks isn’t so important, everything that is around this string of syllables, is not this string of syllables. Learn to sift out the signs & symbols around you from the pretense surrounding them. Everything is energy & any platform is merely a place to transform & transfer Energies.

Do this with the energy of Wonder & Love & the platforms manage themselves. Don’t try to become & don’t try to be, instead, become being. And don’t forget to be patient with yourself in this process because “Bees have to move very fast to stand still.”


Let Go of Literal

Let’s air drop right into the middle of this concrete abstract, notion. 1 2 3, Go.

You don’t owe anyone anything & no one owes you anything. Whatever you receive, isn’t a gift, it’s the mirror effect of the world. Vice versa. If you give yourself up voluntarily, unconditionally & without expectation to the present, then you are doing your part here. Because everything is Energy & symbols of Energy, that are not to be taken literally, including this.

If I give you an apple you don’t owe me an apple. You don’t owe me anything, because I didn’t give it to you, the rhythm did, through me. Focus only on “what is” not what ought to be, what could be, what was etc.

Let Go of knowing and stand as an awe inspired witness to this happening. That is when you are riding the wave. That is when you are perfectly balanced in the Ocean of doing & non doing. That is when you are both witnessing & manifesting the meaning of life, all in one click. When you let go, you let God.

And you see that there is no difference between any of it. The entire process is uncovered & illuminated. It is already there & is always there. It can’t become lost & it’s always right where you find it.

What really gets itself lost, is you. But that’s just as connected, because without the contrast of “Not It” you wouldn’t know you already have It. Forgetting this, time to time is the art of learning through juxtaposition.

This line from the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling carves this out in a more tangible way.

“If you can meet Triumph & Disaster, & treat those two imposters, just the same.”


The Missing Male Gender

*Solely derived from my thoughts, which stem from dense observation within the field, coupled with data/literature/research self analysis. Engage how you will*)

To start, boy’s tend to respond better to balanced women than they do men, in positions of authority. Likely because the increase in pseudo male authority occupying positions of decision power, without a parallel level of competence and courage. True authority is influence without needing a name tag for it and kids are not stupid. Below is a simplification, of what I believe to be underlying factors to the current sociological & psychological cycle, that is playing out in western culture.

The percentage of female to male teachers in Elementary & Middle School, is roughly 80% female 20% male. It climbs in secondary school to about 60:40. Boy’s do not get quality Male influence often, as then the coaches at youth levels in America, unlike most European countries, are not coaches by trade. It is equivalent to having someone Teach an 8th grade class because they once were in 8th grade. But nature audits itself & there is now an unavoidably obvious need, for balanced Male influence in society.

Girls who grew up in the 2000’s, were at the forefront of many great changes in females leading the charge. Now you’re seeing that being forced & used as a “social check box” which is not a good idea. Check box initiatives, always lead to stunted progress, as at the end of the day it NEEDS to be REAL. The problem with all of this, via observing thousands and thousands of interactions between kids, teens, young adults & adults, is that female’s, ballpark age 25-35, are much more mature & competent in certain key dimensions, than their male counterparts. And that is why people are electing to have Dog’s & not Children (half kidding).

Males over the past decade & running, have been dropped out of the education system in their early 20’s without any education outside of how to complete school and how to posture for the next place on the timeline. It’s hard to spot as the individual because their tangible time is (or has been) monopolized by packed schedules of check box modalities. Itinerary plotted in the name of “this will be good for your resume. This will get you seen. This will bring you to XYZ.” Every action needing a tightly linked reason outside of itself, which isn’t a binary negative thing once understood & there is self sovereignty. But it is crippling as a staple outlook on life, before the person can articulate & formulate the world around them & inside of them.

Here is further macro analysis about why all of this may be. Males who are not autonomous individuals, at large, are quick to get frustrated & withdraw, slightly resentfully, when they feel like they cannot communicate their experience properly. Expression & articulation are what take an abstract concept & formulates it in a way that is more clear & understood consciously, opposed to remaining as “stirrings” that drive subconscious behavior.

But, as this sociological cycle plays out, there appears to be a potential advantage. I have observed in young men, roughly born between 1993 & 2003, elevated levels of empathy, intuition & palpable curiosity toward living, collectively speaking. It’s all there, those dynamics then need to be cultivated & brought forth to live out deliberately. Once discovered & self-formulated, the next layer starts shaping around the aforementioned qualities. That progression can be summarized using words synonymous with competence, courage, discernment & reason. Without that layer being developed, we see what we have been seeing, in a lot of physical & passive aggressive behavior, projected out in the world. That manifestation can look like something approximating violence, but maybe more dangerously, it can & does also look like meek compliance & lack of self-trust.

The encouraging note though, is that as the individual starts demanding sovereignty FROM themselves and they simultaneously & deliberately seek to grow. They become aware of what they could be & therefor can muster out, with a sense of calm urgency,

“Hey I feel like I’m way more than what I can really communicate or live out, what can I do, to gain access to myself.”

And then the world suddenly has both genders on the highest path that human history has seen, to individual balance, WITH an existing collaboration across domains. That alone takes care of all of the “forcing outcomes” policy, because the maturity, at large, will have significant levels of openness & discernment to deploy. When competence & internal maturity exists, people don’t stand for things that don’t make sense or are forced upon them, as they do not need policy to tell them to look at the world justly & open mindedly. The feminine/masculine balance will be not only restored, but evolved & improved.

So, that seems like good news. I think the future is incredibly bright but like any change, the transformation is painful, chaotic, fearful & resistant. Hence, the past 2 years (& likely another 2 years or so) of fear based compliance & confusion. Keep the faith, think of it as a Cultural Phoenix.

Peter M Russo