Become Being

Remember to remember that you do not have to be seen, to be sensed. I know the irony is that if you’re seeing this, you’re, well, seeing this. But this, is not a person. It’s not a place. It’s not somewhere to go or something to be. If you’re drawn by it, it doesn’t mean you have to replicate it.

It’s something to go live & how that looks isn’t so important, everything that is around this string of syllables, is not this string of syllables. Learn to sift out the signs & symbols around you from the pretense surrounding them. Everything is energy & any platform is merely a place to transform & transfer Energies.

Do this with the energy of Wonder & Love & the platforms manage themselves. Don’t try to become & don’t try to be, instead, become being. And don’t forget to be patient with yourself in this process because “Bees have to move very fast to stand still.”


Published by Peter Russo

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