Let Go of Literal

Let’s air drop right into the middle of this concrete abstract, notion. 1 2 3, Go.

You don’t owe anyone anything & no one owes you anything. Whatever you receive, isn’t a gift, it’s the mirror effect of the world. Vice versa. If you give yourself up voluntarily, unconditionally & without expectation to the present, then you are doing your part here. Because everything is Energy & symbols of Energy, that are not to be taken literally, including this.

If I give you an apple you don’t owe me an apple. You don’t owe me anything, because I didn’t give it to you, the rhythm did, through me. Focus only on “what is” not what ought to be, what could be, what was etc.

Let Go of knowing and stand as an awe inspired witness to this happening. That is when you are riding the wave. That is when you are perfectly balanced in the Ocean of doing & non doing. That is when you are both witnessing & manifesting the meaning of life, all in one click. When you let go, you let God.

And you see that there is no difference between any of it. The entire process is uncovered & illuminated. It is already there & is always there. It can’t become lost & it’s always right where you find it.

What really gets itself lost, is you. But that’s just as connected, because without the contrast of “Not It” you wouldn’t know you already have It. Forgetting this, time to time is the art of learning through juxtaposition.

This line from the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling carves this out in a more tangible way.

“If you can meet Triumph & Disaster, & treat those two imposters, just the same.”


Published by Peter Russo

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