Value Exchange Commerce: Guided by a concept called “Daana”. Derived from Sanskrit, that has a few alternative ways of spelling, based on context & well, the speller. 

  • “Living creatures get influenced through dānam,
    Enemies lose hostility through dānam,
    A stranger may become a loved one through dānam,
    Vices are killed by dānam.”      – Hindu Proverb

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In the fall of 2018, I had an idea for a new sort of Fiction. Fiction for the future, that moves with change not fights against it, in the name of tradition. I had a mission statement, a pitch, the whole works. It was surprisingly quickly well received off the bat. So, I was in position to move forward, with financial backing to get it off the ground, along with people in the publishing industry ready to walk me through it. I will explain the original plan elsewhere on the site, as I fine tune it, but below is my thought process on deciding to execute this vision, in this way. “Faith Compensation.”

While keeping my vision & style, I decided to use an untraditional platform to get the right words in front of the right eyes at the right time. Like all forms of art, it is not so much about the tangible work itself, as it is the timing for the observer. A string of sentences in the book on your desk will not change. Whether two days pass or two years, the words will not shuffle around. But, with every new viewing, they may read completely different. Not because the art is different, but because you are different.

With all of that said, especially in an age of electronics & bottomless entertainment options, many read to gain information & knowledge, not insight & wisdom. That is fiction’s job. But the next generation isn’t going to pick up a fictional novel at the store & read it front to back. Many forms of reading are accessed on electronic devices via apps or subscriptions or pay wall publications.

I know for me, there is not a chance in hell I’m going to jump through any excess hoops, to read something. I also don’t like the idea of buying virtual books as something seems less genuine about it. Like let’s get to know each other first. On top of that, I am not waiting or sifting through advertisements or multi click surveys. So here is the decision I came to. As you can imagine this certainly did not make my publisher very happy. And in general it may just be a moronic & naive idea.

NOW here is my thought process. If you are tight on money, or you’re a kid without access to funds, I still want you here. Because maybe you’ll read one sentence that changes your life. And if you don’t find any value in the site, why should you pay for it? I rather you don’t. Money happens to be what we need to live, so often, everything we do is followed by “how to monetize” off of it. But this work can’t come from that mindset, it’s too real to have an agenda. So if I receive nothing in the form of worldly currency, so be it. Humans are designed to find ways to survive. So I will do just that, without compromising the intentions of this platform.

But, if you find yourself consistently finding real value here & do have the means to forward a compensation, it’s of course appreciated. The amount is up to you. $2, $20 or $200, it doesn’t matter, it’s all relative.

I am going to put out the content that I was going to publish in the book for free. All in one, simple to navigate place. Without any subscriptions, ad’s, hoops, strings or surveys. Find the words you need without any clutter in your way. Almost like a playlist, you can go to the themed section that reflects what you need to see at that time. Find the pieces that you can relate to. Skip the part’s that aren’t meant for you in that moment.

As you will read throughout the content of this site, words can change lives. They can rewire your perception. They can wither a storm. They can keep you afloat when you’re treading to keep your chin above water.

With Gratitude,

Peter Russo

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